About the Program
Develop better balance, get up and down easier, and have less pain and more flexibility. This program is
designed to do all that by toning the muscles that do the job. We meet at 10am Monday, Wednesday, and
Friday at your house on Zoom. This is a challenging, no-impact, non-aerobic program that requires getting up
and down off the floor. Stay with it 4 weeks and I guarantee improvement. Wear loose fitting gym clothes
and use a mat or pad on the floor. For information or to be added to the email notifications send an email to:
I designed this program specifically to:
1. Increase strength, coordination, and muscle tone.
2. Increase flexibity and decrease the pain during normal activities.
3. Over time develop better balance and stability when standing, reaching, and getting up off the floor.
How to do these exercises:
1. All movements are controlled. That means you move smoothly from one position to the other, and always
start and finish each movement with a little pause at the end of each movement. Speed doesn't matter.
Control makes it work.
2. Stretches are done only to the point of resistance, then wait for the muscle to relax and lengthen. Never
stretch past the point of resistance. It takes a couple of weeks for the muscles to begin to loosen up.
3. Know your limitations. Don't bend in any direction your doctor has told you not to or that causes pain.
Don't do any exercise that causes sharp pain. There is a difference between the discomfort of exercise and
pain. One is good and the other is not.
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