This the 4-Part Plan to Healthful Living: I say that I stumbled onto, but its really things I started doing as part of my normal lifestyle one at a
time, and continued because it worked. None of it has been really difficult, but it always required that I look at things a little differently. I am
offering only the idea and recommended sources because I saw so many people around me with difficulties that I didn’t think are necessary.
To get you started, look up anything you can find on the internet about the benefits of L-Arginine and Nitric Oxide. Here's a ink to get you
Also, if you have concerns about heard disease, stroke, hardening of the arteries, and cholesterol, read the ground breaking book by Nobel
Laureate in Medicine and author Dr. Louis J. Ignarro "NO More Heart Disease" (I have several copies. You can borrow one.)
The 4-Parts to Healthful Living Program:
Diet - Just about anything you've heard is good for you probably IS good for you.
Fiber and colorful foods are good, saturated fats and processed foods are not.
Supplements: L-Arginine, L-Citruline, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, B-9, and Alpha lipoic acid, plus doctor recommended vitamins.
Cardio - any activity that increases your heart rate for 20-30 minutes 3 days a week.
Exercise - weight bearing activity 2 days a week for 20-30 minufes.
You Are What You Eat: 40 years ago I read about two distinct and separate studies on cholestrol. Both were clinical studies using participants
known to have "high" cholestrol. One was based on controlled, high amounts of fiber in their diet, and the other using mega doses of vitamin
C. At the end of both studies, all participants dramatically reduced the level of serum cholesterol. In the fiber group, the study reported a
marked increase in serum cholesterol at the beginning of the study, followed by a dramatic decrease by the end of the study. The conclusion
was that the high fiber diet somehow caused cholesterol to be removed from blood vessels, accounting for the increase in serum cholesterol,
which then resulted in the decrease after the arteries were cleaned out. My comment: You should note that foods that are high in vitamin C are
also significant sources of fiber.
Facts and Fiction: Also over the years I came to know that fat does not make you fat, and consuming cholesterol does not cause high
cholesterol. If you look at the Atkins diet, you realize that it ignored fat and cholesterol but focused on eliminating carbohydrates from the diet.
The end result was usually a decrease in serum cholesterol (my wife reduced hers from above 200 to below 150 in only a couple of weeks).
The Atkins diet, however, was never intended to be a long-term eating plan which was stated very clearly in the text. It was a metabolism
booster by triggered raising keytones so you body thought it was starving, which signaled you body to burn fat. Why? When you think about it,
animals store up fat during spring through fall when everything is plentiful and then lost the fat during the winter food was scarce. It's not
because of how much they ate, but what kinds of things they ate.
Sugar doesn't have much calories, but it makes you fat, right? Wrong! It turns on the mechanism that tells your body it’s time to store fat. If
you have ever heard the addage "Don't eat meat and carbs at the same time", you now know why. The sugars in high carb foods tells your
body to store the calories in the high fat meat as fat in your body. So if you have steak for dinner, have vegetables with it, not mashed
potatoes, and skip dessert. If you have a high carb meal, give it time to clear you body before you take in more calories. My motto is that you
don't eat a lot or often. If you get enough lean protien with your meal, you won't get hungry before the next one.
Have you noticed that since the advancements in medicine that dictate "low cholestrol" and "low fat". Since cholesterol limits have been
dropping (first under 200, then 150, and now less than 150), incidence of Altzheimer's syndrome have been on the rise. It has taken such a
long time to happen that most people don't see the connection, but it's true. Chlesterol has a specific function, in fact a couple. One is vital to
brain function, and the other is to repair the arteries. You may not know it, but babies require cholesterol and fat for normal brain growth which
they normally got from breast milk. With the advent of low fat diets forced onto children in formative years, is it no wonder that there are so
many behavioral problems among school aged children. And with the ever increasing percentage of people developing Alzheimer's coincident
with the artificial reduction in cholesterol by our medical practioners, the correlation should be obvious. High cholesterol does not necessarily
cause heart disease, but unnatrually low cholesterol apparently contributes to brain disease. So what actually causes heart disease? I just
said it - unhealthy arteries. How do they get that way? Time and poor nutrition.
How you can fix the problem: The 4-Part Plan for Healthful Living! (above) plus Diet, supplement, exercise, and exert a little.
L-arginine supplement
L-arginine Plus (Purchase online from or Amazon)
see detailed list in "NO More Heart Diseas" by Dr Louis Ignarro
Avoid saturated fat, simple carbs, and excessive anything.
Include fiber, colorful foods, and lein protein.
Larry's Aerobic Workout (it's the LAW)*; see a list in the book “NO More Heart Diseas” by Dr Louis Ignarro
Biking, Walking, Sports (except billiards, which is not really a sport), Gardening,
Yoga, Pilates, Water Walking, Golf (on foot), Hiking, Anything that makes you breathe harder than normal.
Larry's Stretch Tone and Balacne (STaB) at Savannah Center (Available on DVD in class)
Larry's Stretch, Tone, and Balance on Zoom (email to join)
Circuit Training, Gym Workout, Free Weights, Any activity that makes you exert against gravity.
* Remember, “Gain is NO Pain”. If it hurts, don't do it. And if you can't do it, that need to be your exercise.
Joint Health
Osteo Bi-Flex (recommend for long term)
vitafusion Melatonin gummies at bettime.
Salt Room inhalation therapy (on SR441 south end of the Best Buy plaza)
Tell them Larry sent you and get a session for $20 (less than half price). Ask about membership.
Stress Relief
SAM-e (200mg daily)
The 4 Steps to Healthy Living:
1. L-arginine Plus (l-arginine/l-carnitine supplement) and Pro-Flex 20 from Melaleuca (lein protein post-workout supplement)
2. read "NO More Heart Disease" by Nobel Laureate in Medicine Louis Ignarro
3. Larry's Aerobic Workout water aerobics (or any fun activity that makes you breathe hard)
4. Stretch, Tone, and Balance (or other weight bearing exerecise)
Healthful Living