It’s not too early to reserve your special date in 2017. If you'd like to host a party, please call Larry or Darlene at 259-8950.
It's easy and fun. You supply the driveway and we'll do the rest. It’s an excellent way to get to know your neighbors.
So if you haven't been to one, just come on out and join the fun!
This page is in memory of Elaine and Joe, the founders of the Belle Aire Driveway Party socials. We lost Joe
in April 2015, and Elaine in June 2016, but we’ll never forget their joyfull contributions they made to our community.
Elaine & Joe Cucchiara started the Belle Aire twice-monthly driveway party November 15, 2006. There were 40
people who attended this social. All who attended were really excited about it and wanted the fun to continue.
Many signed up to have one at their home, and so the fun has continued since then, and now into 2016.  If you live
in the Village of Belle Aire and it’s villas, we would love to see you at any or all of the driveway parties.
Just bring chairs to sit on, a beverage of your choice, and a food item to share potluck style. We always have a 50/50
drawing if you want to try your luck. Half of the money goes to buy the paper products for the parties and the other half
goes to the person who has the winning ticket.
We always take a group picture while everybody is there to be published in the newspaper. The pictures are also
uploaded to the web with the name and address of the host for everyone to enjoy. Check them out at your leisure at the
links on the upper left of this page.
May your day be a joyful one!
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Welcome! Join us for a fun time.
Winter Schedule: we meet at 4:00pm
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